10 most strange patents from google!

10 most strange patents from google!

Google is constantly working on inventing different projects. But it should be noted that not all these ideas see the light of the day. Companies often apply for a patent, but the product does not become a reality. We’ve found some pretty strange patents that we’ll share with you.

1.Google has filed a patent application to create a smart teddy bear

The plus bear is equipped with speakers, a camera and a microphone, so he can listen to conversations and watch movements. Probably, these features will be used by parents to monitor children by far, but Google has not yet announced the goal of this idea. The application was filed in 2012.


2. They also work on a patent for creating a procedure that will provide people with bionic eyes

In 2014, Google applied a patent for a device that can correct the view without the need for contact lenses or glasses. In order to do this, the doctor will need to enter the “intraocular device” through the crstaline capsule of the eye using a surgical procedure.


3. There is another project to create contact lenses that will work on solar energy

These solar contact lenses will collect information about human health, including glucose and body temperature data. These lenses can be designed with special features such as bar code reading. The patent application was filed in 2012.


4. If this project becomes reality, then with SmartWatch we can do the analysis of the self without being forced by the needle

Like solar lenses, SmartWatch can provide people with diabetes with an easier way to monitor blood glucose levels. The application was submitted in 2014.


5.Google also has several interesting projects related to parcel delivery, such as drone and robot transport

Many people know about the Project Wing  – the delivery service, where the drones would leave the parcels on the ground. In 2014, the company added another element to this idea – drones will leave parcels on four-wheel robots, which will then take the parcels to the destination.


6.In 2011 Google applied for a patent on creating glasses that will create an extra reality

This invention describes a system by which the user can design a keyboard on his hand.


7.In 2012 filed a patent application, describe how to create tattoos that will benefit you for high-tech purposes

This project describes the incorporation into the tattoo on the neck of a microphone and a lie detector. The tattoo can be tied up with a phone over a wireless network that lets you talk without having to go to the phone.


8.This fun patent includes a portable fan that will help you smell good at meeting friends

In this application filed in 2012, it is described how to create a portable fan that is attached to the body, and if it detects that you are concerned to hide the body’s odor, then it will emit pleasing fragrances.

9. This patent, written in 2011, describes the creation of software that can convert the conversation into comics

The patent describes software that allows you to insert simple text or upload an audio conversation to convert into comic books.


10.Sticks for hiking with high technology

While enjoying walking on the mountain, sticks will take photos.



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  • November 29, 2017 at 7:05 am

    I’m still kicking myself for not investing in them six years back because i thought their share price was too high. The way Google keeps coming up with new innovations is going to keep it long term competitive even after the search business goes away.


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