Bad Rabbit: A new dangerous ransomware is making mass victims

Bad Rabbit

A new dangerous ransomware 


The number of ransomware infections was very high this year. It seems we still have a dangerous infection called Bad Rabbit that makes waves in Eastern Europe.

If you needed an additional reason to update your operating system on a regular basis, it comes in the form of a new ransomware infection. The virus called Bad Rabbit has already made 200 casualties, but seems to be growing every moment. Until this hour, the source of infection is unknown, but victims from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany have been reported.

The very high risk exposure of Bad Rabbit infected people has been confirmed by several cyber security companies. Kaspersky Labs, Eset and Proofpoint have released all press releases on this subject. If Adobe Flash had not had enough negative advertising in recent months, the new ransomware seems to have spread through a flash update.

As happened last time in the first wave of WannaCry infections, it seems that victims are part of state institutions, press companies, and other influential organizations. Currently, infected systems belonging to Interfax, and several media companies in Russia have been reported. Several systems at Odessa airport in Ukraine have also fallen victim. Metro in Kiev and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine are also on the list, although it is not known at the moment that certainly are all Bad Rabbit infections.

Those who want to regain access to files have to pay 0.05bitcoin, worth around 250 euros. The price increases after 40 hours of infection. In a closer analysis, Kaspersky officials said the new virus has some elements in common with NotPetya, but it’s not clear if they come from the same source. It remains that in the next few days or weeks we find out who is behind the attack.


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