Find Out Which Is The Longest River In The World

Longest River In The World

Do you know which is the longest river in the world? You’ll probably say it’s Nile, because that’s what it was written in school textbooks. In fact, the longest river is Amazon. We will tell you about this basin a lot of interesting things.

Why Is Not Nile Longest River In The World?

In fact there are certain opposing views, as some savants give the Nile River the primacy. Here, however, in 1960, the Aswan Dam was built in 1960, which greatly shortened the river. Until recently the length of the Amazon was calculated from one of its tributaries Marañón, and now it is calculated from the second influx – Ucayali. Thus, it appears that the length of the Amazon is 7000 kilometers, while the Nile measures only 6853 km.



The Amazon River

Amazon is not only the longest river in the world, it also beats other records. It has the largest basin (7180 km, approximately to Australia). Amazon also throws 200,000 cubic meters of water into the ocean.




Who lives in the Amazon River

The Indians called it “royal river”. And indeed it has kingly dimensions. The river is difficult, it has steep banks and is full of marshes. In addition, there are vortices, mud and dangerous obstacles.

reka amazon

The Amazon’s banks are rich in plants: here is the world’s largest wet forest. On one hectare can be found over 200 species of trees. In the forest live a lot of animals: anaconda, jaguar,  monkeys, frogs, etc.

anaconda Python

There are over two thousand species of fish in the river – several times more than in all the rivers of Europe taken together.

fish from amazon

amazon brasilia



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